I have many things in mind

Woman on beach in Greece

During the peace that followed the clash of the gods and the Titans, the sea nymph Metis became pregnant by Zeus. The Oracle of Gaea—Mother Earth—warned Zeus that if Metis had a son, he would be greater than Zeus himself. Zeus, remembering the defeat of his own father, Kronos, borrowed a move from his father’s playbook and swallowed Metis whole.

Many months later, Zeus began to suffer from terrible headaches. He went among his friends and begged them to split his head open to allow the pain out. Neither the gods nor the Titans dared do such a thing, except for Prometheus. Prometheus was so progressive and forward-thinking, he had sided with Zeus in the war against the Titans and was rewarded with a place among the Olympian gods.

“The pain will be sharp,” said Prometheus, “but then you’ll feel better. Now put your hands over your eyes.”

Zeus did as he was told. Prometheus brought his ax down, and crack went Zeus’s skull.

As soon as his skull opened, Athena—Zeus’s brilliant new daughter—leapt from his forehead, dressed in a glimmering warrior’s armor and sounding a warrior’s cry.

Prometheus patched up Zeus’s skull with clay, while Zeus roared with laughter.

“What an entrance for a child! Full grown and only seconds old.”

“Father, dear,” said Athena “I have many things in mind.”

“Indeed you have. I shared all my thoughts with you before you were born,” said Zeus.

— Recently, I tried to cure my incessant migraines by pouring holy water from the island of Tinos over my head — last in a long line of potential magical cures.

Hair, holy water and trees

Rorschach test with hair, trees and holy water

I don’t know if it worked quite yet, but if it didn’t, it can mean only one thing: an Olympian god is gestating in my forehead.

Now all I need is a Prometheus.

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Comments (6)

  1. Ken

    The gods made Greece and did an excellent job…and Odysseus is calling me back to Ithaki. I’m leaving Sept 13th and planning on staying a week or two

    1. host (Post author)

      Enjoy! September is a great time to go.

  2. Sarah Keith

    Hey Host, I am pleased to report that some of the signs you photographed in Athens last year are still there, with a few interesting post-Snowden additions. Incredible B&W above, girl. I suffered my first migraine about 2 months ago, and thought about you the whole time. If that picture doesn’t illustrate what it feels like, nothing does. Feel better.

    1. host (Post author)

      I’d love to see the Snowden graffiti. So sorry to hear about your migraine–a pain like no other. Hopefully it was a one-time thing and won’t be repeated. You might want to keep a reserve of Imitrex just in case. I’m determined to find a cure, or Prometheus, as I like to call it . 😉

  3. Sarah Keith

    And, yes… Everyone. In. Greece. Smokes… Holy cow.

    1. host (Post author)

      Hope you’re having a great time! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip.


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