Roma Children


These Roma children, photographed in Tinos during the Feast of the Assumption, were so great — happy and smiling despite their circumstances.  I’m posting a lot of photographs just in case they should have access to the internet someday.


Roma, Gypsy, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-Gypsy-girl-in-pink-dress

Roma, Gypsy, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-Smiling-Roma-boy-with-scabs

Roma, Gypsy, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-roma-boy-with-dirty-face

Roma, Gypsy, Tinos, Greece,Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-Roma-girls-in-dresses

Roma, Gypsy, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-Gypsy-girl-in-Yellow-top

Roma, Gypsy, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-Roma-boy

Roma, Gypsy, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-Roma-Children

Roma, Gypsy, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-serious-roma-girl

Roma, Gypsy, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-Roma-girl-in-Purple

Roma, Gypsy, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption.-Teenage-roma-girl

Roma, Gypsy, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-Roma-girls-in-red-dresses

Roma, Gypsy, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption_Blond-roma-boy

Roma, Gypsy, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-Roma-baby

Roma,-Gypsy,-Gypsies,-Tinos,-Greece, Greek Islands, Feast of the Assumption,-Roma-girl-in-pink-dress

Roma, Gypsy, Gypsies, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-Roma-girl-portrait

Roma, Gypsy, Gypsies, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-Roma-girl-with-hair-in-face

Roma, Gypsy, Gypsies, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-Roma-boy-saluting

Roma, Gypsy, Gypsies, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-roma-boys

Roma, Gypsy, Gypsies, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-Roma-brother-and-sister

Roma, Gypsy, Gypsies, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-roma-girl-in-blue

Roma, Gypsy, Gypsies, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-roma-girl-selling-balloons

Roma, Gypsy, Gypsies, Tinos, Greece, Greek-Island,-Feast-of-the-Assumption,-roma-boy-selling-balloons

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Comments (2)

  1. Sarah

    They say that Gypsies can track their genetic heritage back to Pakistan, and you can see that in some of their faces. The little guy 3rd from the top with the ears and the earring reminds me a little of Keith. You’ve seen his latest photo — does he look any more like me, or is he still all dad?

    1. host (Post author)

      Sarah, he looks exactly like you.


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